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Questions & Answers - Do you have a question we should add?  Let us know, go to contact us and email us your question.

Q. Can foggy insulated windows be cleaned between panes?

A. No, unless they are storm windows and come apart.  Depending on how old the units are the glass may be covered under warranty.  Otherwise, you will have to have them replaced to see clearly again.

Q. Can you cut tempered glass? How do I know if it is tempered?

A. No, if you try to cut it will break into a thousand pieces. Typically there is a emblem/logo on one corner that indicates it is tempered.  Sometimes you cannot tell if it is tempered until you try to cut because folks don't want the emblem/logo on glass when they custom order. 

Q.  Is there a lot of difference between single, double, and triple pane windows when it comes to insulation quality and energy costs?
A. Yes, different window and glass types can make a big difference with energy efficiency. For now let the sun in during the day, then have the curtains closed during the night to hold that solar heat in.
Q. My dog ran through my screen door, can you replace the screen?
A. Yes, we can replace with new screening. Keep in mind if the door or window frame is bent (aluminum) we may need to replace that as well. If there is other hardware involved we can replace this as well (Windows) as long as parts are still available. In some cases we can rebuild whole new screens for windows.
Q. Do you replace wood stove glass?  It keeps breaking, why?
A. We can order tempered glass for your woodstove or fireplace, this could take a couple weeks. We recommend Neo-Ceram glass that can handle a much higher temperature, especially if you use a woodstove for actual heating of your room or home. The Neo-Ceram is much more expensive, but we can cut it here in shop. Most glass will break when hot and has had an impact from falling log or other object.